November 11, 2011

Can't Stop thanking GOD

The days before last night were stressful ones because I was reviewing for my exam and the covered topics were so difficult mostly math-formulas/computations. It's easier if it's just a straight math or will just put all numbers to the formula but it requires deep analysis because of some tricky inputs that were there to confuse us. Then, what a coincidence that we were scheduled to go to the school for Parent-Teacher meeting few hours before my class and we finished late. I just have 45 minutes spare time that includes travel time. When I got to school, most of my classmates were there already and reviewing which added stress to me because I still have one chapter that I need to restudy and try some of its exercises. I prayed while driving on my way and before I took the exam and GOD is soo good to me that most of the questions were the ones that I studied hard. I felt good after the exam and hopefully I did well which will be known next week. When I got home, my two boys were already asleep in the master bedroom, I didn't bother to transfer my son to his room. I went to the kitchen and prepared something light and quick meal at the same time cleaning up my son's mess (toys/books clutter) which hubby didn't take care. Anyways, I was in a good mood because I did good in my exam so I didn't mind doing things that could have been done by hubby. When I woke up this morning, I saw my two boys in a hug position and I was staring at them for so long, until I fall asleep again. Morning routine comes, I checked on my blog opportunities and I have more than I expected, I don't have headache (migraine). I am too blessed and I can't stop thanking GOD for all of these things which for some might not be a big deal or they overlook these moments in their lives but for me it's huge. I lived my life with convenience when I was in the Philippines but what I learned as I go through my new life here in USA, they are temporary and the feeling is light compared to being happy on seeing something that's more important than material things. I'm thankful because I was able to go back to school, was able to prove to myself that I can excel, that I have a son and husband to come home with, blog opportunities that helps me financially and improves my grammar and allowed my creativity to think for topics that I could use. That's why I can't stop thanking GOD for all the blessings. A friend of mine was complaining about her job because it was tiring that day that she wants to quit, I told her that everyboy is experiencing stress on their jobs that she's fortunate than those stressed because they don't have jobs and nobody to come home with, no family, no children and a beautiful friend like me, LOL! The two of us had a good laugh and she said that she's fortunate to have a clown in me. Another blessing from GOD, someone appreciates me as a friend. How about you guys, what made you thank GOD lately?

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