November 05, 2011

Career opportunity for mechanical engineer

The first course that I applied in college was in the field of mechanical engineering and then my mom told me to follow where I excel during highschool and that's bookkeeping. So I ended up taking entrance exams on different school with different courses. Finally, I was persuaded to take what was the hype then and it's on computer field. I mentioned this because last night my classmate disclosed to me that her husband, a licensed mechanical engineer is planning to relocate to another state. She's telling me her husband's field / nature of work which I kinda understand because I have lots of friends in the Philippines who are mechanical engineers and the fact that it's one of my choices course in college. After she finished our course and passed the board, her husband who's currently employed in a reputable company here in our state is eyeing to apply in a prestigious company named United Conveyor Corporation. His expertise is on supervising team for fly ash handling system which UCC's topmost services offered. Mechanical engineers can land a job anytime and it's a privilege if it's on a company that you know that would help you to gain more skills and acknowledge your contribution to the success of the company. Hearing story like this motivates me to study hard so that in the future I could be part of a prestigious company where I can share my skills and dedication/hardwork where Filipinos are famous of.

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