November 25, 2011

Damaged House Sign

We usually celebrate thanksgiving day with my inlaws at lunch time because most of us need to go to another party afterwards. In our case, we headed to my friend's house up north which took us more than an hour. It usually takes max of 45 minutes but we kinda got lost, we drove around for couple of times looking for their house. I can't call her because my cellphone's battery ran out of charge and I don't memorize her phone number so using hubby's phone won't help too. I remember the number of their house but we can't find it, most of the houses looks identical and hubby was pissed off because I can't tell which is my friend's. Then, finally we found it when I recognized another friend's car parked. Their house has a damaged address plaque and it needs some repainting or be replaced with a new one. When we got in, I heard them talking about missing their house, got lost too due to address signs. We pressured her to look for a new house address plaques and replace that damaged one. We told her that we won't be visiting her anymore if she failed to change it, lol! We stayed there for longer time because we waited for the others to come and for the same reason, they took so long because they can't find the house.

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