November 16, 2011

Fall/Winter Office Fashion

I made an imaginary closet where I picked these clothes to be worn in work days, I just miss wearing corporate suits. My previous job requires me to dress properly because I do systems training for our employees because I believe it helps to create a good impression so that they will have interest on the subject matter. I was cleaning my son's closet the other day and I found those blazers that I brought from the Philippines and laid them to rest because they were all size 4. It's so hard to go back on that size, so I decided to bring them together with other clothes of my son and hubby to donation bin in Walmart. I still want to dress up in suits but maybe on halloween, lol! With the course that I'm taking right now, it will require me to wear uniform/scrub when at work, so goodbye to the chance of wearing those suits/dresses. Sometimes I wear dress whenever we attend Sunday mass and that's it, no other opportunities yet. My daily routine such as running errands, grocery shopping, bringing my son to places where he can play and going to my class doesn't require me to wear any other than jeans/sweat pants and comfortable tops. So, I'm dreaming that I have this imaginary closet full of office suits/dresses that I could mix and match to be worn on each working day. As what I've said, dreams are free and may our dreams come true.

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