November 18, 2011

Feeling Blue

I woke up very early because of my son, he didn't take a nap yesterday that's why he went to bed early than usual last night. I was compelled to get up at as 5:45am, because my son kept on pounding his wall and calling my name. Just imagine that time, it's still dark outside but my son doesn't want to go back to bed despite all distractions that I did. He wants to go down and have his breakfast, he'll say 'mommy, I want M please' M stands for Mcdonalds because that's how he memorizes all the places that we usually go to. S for Sears, O for Target (because of their logo), W for Walmart, K for Kmart, C for CVS, M for Mcdonalds. He can't pronounce their names so he just memorized it by its first letter. Going back to asking for breakfast, I didn't give him any Mcdonalds stuff so he screamed so loud and threw tantrums as early as 6am on which some of my neighbors are still asleep. I got mad so I put him to 'time out' and he kept on saying 'Sowee mommy'. I gave in with his 'sowee' and placed him on the dining table to have his breakfast. Lack of sleep, chilly weather and some unexpected situations made my day bluer than blue, lol! Inasmuch as I wanted to bring my son out for indoor activities, I'm not in the mood to drive so maybe we'll just wait for his dad and we'll have dinner out. Maybe it applies to me now, when it rains it pours! There will always be sunshine after the rain.

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