November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

I'm thankful for a lot things and I want to post some of it so that when time comes that I can no longer celebrate Thanksgiving here on earth (for sure I will live longer, crossed fingers :D), people will be reminded that someone appreciated them very much and they should feel good about themselves. This past year I've been blessed in so many ways. I got my car, lots of 'me-time' because my son started schooling, blogging opportunities, I got back to school, have more social life, motivated to get healthy, network of Pinoy friends, my parents are healty and doing good and hubby's job is financially stable. I want to thank my husband for being crabby (lol) because I learned to extend my patience. I want to thank my son for making my day colorful especially when he's throwing tantrums. Thank you to my parents overseas who constantly reminding me that I should be strong and trials are there to maintain my relationship to GOD and be closer to him. My inlaws for always being there when we needed assistance. My bestfriends though we're far apart but manage to check on one another. My new found Pinay friends who make me feel closer to home because of their skills/talent in preparing Filipino meals and their support. My friends all over the world, always there to inform/cheer me up via their posts on facebook. To my readers/followers of this blog, thank you though we don't know each other but your visits are appreciated. For all the other things, thank you.

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