November 11, 2011

Home Entertainment Room

After my class, my classmate invited me to drop to her house because she forgot to bring with her my my book that she borrowed. It's just ten minutes drive from our school so I agreed and I was amazed with the size of her house. She invited me to come in and we toured her huge house, it was a 5 bedroom house with a home entertainment room at the attic. The TV is so huge, complete with all the entertainment components which she pointed at one by one and she said about upgrading one of them to 7.1 receiver. I must admit that I'm kinda ignorant about those components that she's telling me and the fact that my eyes were glued to the size of the room and its interior design. She told me that her husband works in advertising company so he needs the room often. All I can remember was saying 'Wow' nth times. She invited me to have dinner with them which I declined because I need to pick up my son from my friend since I will be coming home earlier than hubby. I mentioned it to hubby and he said, 'sorry we can't afford to have one' which made me laugh because I know he meant that as a joke. I uploaded a photo which in a way looks like their home entertainment room because it's in the attic.

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