November 11, 2011

Homecoming Party

I haven't been to a homecoming party since I moved here in USA that's why I'm glad that my friend asked me to go with her since she's still single, no one to bring with and most of her family relocated to Texas, in short she has only few options and I'm the most available one to be towed since I am a stay at home mom. I will be her chaperone and I didn't anticipate that I will act as her personal assistant in terms of looking for dress to wear since according to her, I have lots of time than her. What a friend! I love her and she knows that I'm good in bargain hunting so she expects that I'm gonna find her an affordable yet stylish dress. She just reminded me of the color, size and length that she prefers. I started to look online for plus size prom dress last Sunday and I think I found the right one for her. She would love that dress because it will make her look younger and sexy, though I know that she will say, that she's already sexy. The good news is she doesn't need to spend that much because that dress is on sale and I think it's an excellent deal. I hope she finally find her match or rekindle some old flame as long as the other party is also very much single or single again. I hope another love story to hear ending to live happily ever, lol!

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