November 30, 2011

How to increase site traffic?

I have other blogs prior to this which I stopped updating because they were created just for fun during my amateur days in blogging. I don't claim that I'm already a pro in blogging, I'll say I'm in between and trying to get better each day. When I started this blog, I learned about page rank and free link exchange with other bloggers who wants to increase their traffic too. I accomodated some requests for exchange links but eventually I realized that some sites are inappropriate to be linked with mine so I removed them with a courtesy note to the blogger/owner of the site. I joined some network sites of moms thinking of promoting my site. Todate, I'm still thinking on how to increase more traffic but I thought that I must do some remodelling/reconstruction on my site first. I need service/assistance with regards to free links, improve my web template, webpage tools and tips on how to build links. I guess I better start my reconstruction and maybe I'll start as soon as I'm done with school this December. Hopefully, before the start of 2012, my site has a new look and more relevant topics so I can achieve more traffic with some help on free link exchange.

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