November 09, 2011

IT Certification Course

I mentioned from my previous posts that I graduated in college with degree in Computer Science and this was in the Philippines. I worked in IT Field for more than ten years before I moved here in USA, then I got married, became a stay at home mom and recently into school again. I have been certified user/engineer/trainor of a leading Retail POS Management System prior to relocating here in USA and I still want to continue the field where my career started but priorities and resources led me to shift to healthcare. I am not closing the door for going to the same career path, Information Technology even I finished and been certified in the field of Pharmacy Technician that's why I don't stop browsing for IT Certification courses. In the future and who knows it might be the soonest, I'll get back to my first love, Information Technology which will require me to review and get updated, at least now I know who to look for. A company that has a reputable and certified instructors, up-to-date curriculum and has the option for online training. As I was writing this post, it brings back memories of my career in Information Technology, I miss the 24/7 technical support we're providing, the on-call assignment which sometimes too stressful because you can't do or go anywhere because anytime you might be called. Those holidays that I missed being with my family because I needed to work or been assigned to very far location. I miss the teaching/training part too, for new employees and new features of the system, a training class is conducted. Those were the days, but I believe everyday is a possibility for accomplishing a dream/goal. IT field is fun and exciting, it pays good too.

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