November 10, 2011

Kris Humpries

I'm not a fan of the Kardashians but I decided to make a post about the ex-Kardashian family member, Kris Humpries. He's handsome especially when he's wearing those big and tall jeans matched with a simple shirt. He might have been saved by an angel because it seemed that being in the family of Kardashians is like living in area of catastrophy. There's always pressure for you to get along with the family's interest and once you go agaisnt it, you will be dumped or will be given a cold treatment that will eventually lead you to quit. The Kardashians ladies are domineering, seems like they decide based on how much they will benefit on it. I'm tired of seeing and hearing all these publicities about them. It seemed everything about Kris Humpries were planned. Short courtship/engagement, came the lavish wedding, spread gossip about marriage is on the rocks start on day 1, filed a divorce without notifying Kris first. Everything seemed so planned. Kris deserves someone who will appreciate what he has and be contented on it. Kim deserves someone like George Clooney who will not put his relationship as priority. As the saying goes, birds of the same feather hook up together, lol!

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