November 21, 2011

Looking for a cheap car

My friend is looking for a cheap car and she wants "used" but her mom is pushing her for a "new" one. Given the situation of our economy, my friend is decided to buy a used one because her current job future is unclear. She asked hubby for some assistance on what type of car she'll buy to replace her Honda Civic which she inherited from her mom, recently showing lots of mechanical problems. She's considering Hyundai Accent or Chevrolet Aveo then she saw my neighbor's car which is Ford Fusion. She's having hard time figuring out what she wants so I advised her to make up her mind between 'used' or 'new' car and she asked me if it cost more on insurance if her car would be a used one. I recommended for her to get quotations and other information she needed. By the way my friend is on her early 20's so she doesn't know much of these stuff since things are provided for her previously, now she needs to do these on her own. She asked me if it's true that female drivers save more on car insurace because they pose less of a risk. She asked what if she has a poor driving record, would it affect insurance cost and I told her that she could have the information at the above website.  Well, I didn't supply her my own advise because I want her to make up her mind first and discuss these matters with her mom because if I'm on her mom's shoes, I would want my daughter to consult me and hear my advise first before going to others. The sites I recommended will somehow enlighten her and could easily discuss the matter with her mom.

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