November 18, 2011

Looking for new draperies

This week I committed myself to finishing the organization of all of our closets in the house. Fortunately I'm on the last closet, where we keep bedsheets/bath towels/drapes. I hope to be finished before the holidays because I don't want to procrastinate. After sorting all of the linens out, I noticed that the only drapes that I stored away in the closet, were the ones that I inherited from my mother in law. After realizing that I don't have many to choose from, I decided that it's about time to look for new draperies. With the holidays coming up, it's especially important because this Thanksgiving people are coming over to my house for dinner. We used to stay at my inlaws' house before and after Thanksgiving. We did this for the past few years. Only this time, we're going to drive back and have dinner with our guests in my house since Thanksgiving in my inlaws' is usually lunch to dinner celebration. I know some family members of my friends will be coming to my house for the first time and I want them to feel comfortable in my house. After looking at my couch and draperies, I realized they really don't match or fit in with a fall season color scheme. I am thinking of colors like gold, brown or orange. If I can't get them in time, I thought of waiting for Black Friday Deals. But when I checked online, I found that there are huge discounts available now! There's no need for me to wait, I can shop online now and wait for my new draperies to be delivered.

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