November 02, 2011

Moving out/Garage Sale

We missed the school bus this morning so I drove and dropped off my son and on my way back, I saw a banner of Moving out/Garage Sale and decided to come back later because they're still fixing their stuff. An hour before my son scheduled arrival, I drove on the location and found lots of nice items but I don't have enough space for them so I concentrated on small stuff such as christmas decors, picture frames and kitchen items. I asked one of the family members where they moving to and she said they found a good deal of Charleston real estate. She's encouraging her children who have their own families to consider relocating especially that most of them are in healthcare which has lots of opportunities anywhere. She showed me the photo of their new house and honestly I wish that I could have a house like that someday. It's a 4 bedroom house and I love the screened porch overlooking the pond because it looks so quiet and relaxing which she confirmed that it's the topmost part of the house the she loves. She fell in love in Charleston when they attended a wedding party of the daughter of her highschool bestfriend and the next day they decided to look around and the rest is history. After that long conversation, I thought I could have a discount or freebies with the stuff that I bought, instead she encouraged me to relocate too.

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