November 08, 2012

Raking leaves

Fall is here, those colorful red, orange, yellow leaves has started to fall down and raking leaves always come along with it. I do some raking in the Philippines too but not that much compared here because you seldom see houses in the Philippines metro city with tress on their yard. You usually see them in the provinces/rural areas. When fall season started, raking leaves has been a daily task for me because I don't want it to piled up which will make the task a little harder and longer. Raking leaves is a form of exercise because lots of our muscles are working and I always take precaution when it comes to my back. I know that raking is an energetic activity which usually causes sore backs that's why I move my feet a lot and don't stand in a one area. I bend through my knees and I slow my pace then take some breaks. I've learned my lesson because the first time that I did some raking, it took me days enduring back pains. This morning, I just have small amount of leaves to rake, my son wants to play with it but it's too chilly out there so I just let him watch me over the windown. Happy raking!

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