November 08, 2011

Showing off his teeth

My son was playing silly this morning making faces and pretending to be a dinosaur, sounding one and scaring his dad. Such a wonderful moment for my two boys, a sweet bonding indeed. My son kept on opening his mouth, pretending that he'll be eating his dad. Hubby and I noticed his cute tiny teeth that are well taken care of in terms of brushing because my son loves doing it. Hubby asked me when we're going to bring our son for dental check-up and I told him that it would be next year. Speaking of dental check up, I learned that my friend's son got into a fight after watching a baseball game and part of his front tooth was broken which worries my friend because his son is so conscious about his looks. I told her that there are lots of ways to remedy that problem and encourage her to check out San Antonio Dentistry because they specialize on this matter. His son has a killer smile with matching dimples and this is sad for him but the advancement of technologies, mostly everything has a possibility. That smile is very possible to be back.

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