November 14, 2011

Stop Smoking

Hubby's cousin James was brought to the hospital due to chest pain and short of breath. He has hypertension, type 2 diabetes and heart problem at age 40. James is overweight and a chain smoker. Hubby visited him and he was so thankful to GOD for having his life back and promised to take care of himself. Top on the list is to stop smoking and eat healthy food. Hubby recommended electronic cigarette and told him that it will be difficult to let go of the smoking since James has been doing it more than half of his life. James is not good in handling stress, depression, sadness and anxiety thus, seeks comfort and found it with smoking and drinking. Well, this is the saddest part, he waited for illness to let him stop the bad habit and who knows this might be his last chance so he needs to make the most of it by doing what is good for his health so that he could live longer and be with his family. There are lots of alternatives to handle stress which family members' support are very important for him. It's easy for me to say or advise 'quit smoking' because I don't smoke but for those who knows how difficult it would be since smoking is a mental and physical addiction, they will advise James to do it gradually and try the alternative, electronic cigarette and go deep down the cause that drives him to smoke and that could be stress or deeper than that.

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