May 29, 2013

Stouffer's Chicken Lasagna

I mentioned before that I was having hard time in preparing meal for my picky eater toddler because he doesn't want any veggies anymore. He's so smart that he digs on the meal to get rid of the veggies that I placed underneath the rice or pasta. Last month, we attended a birthday party and there was a Stouffers lasagna with meat sauce, I tried to feed him and fortunately he liked it very much. Since then, I always buy Stouffer's lasagna with meat sauce and I  hide steamed veggies under the lasagna. Usually, I do the scooping so that he wouldn't see the hidden veggies and I just give him the spoon and he eats it with too much gusto. Then, I thought of trying the Stouffer's chicken lasagna which is better because it has tender pieces of white chicken meat, with carrots, basil, cheese, spinach, red peppers, yellow carrots with crispy bread crumbs topping. Every time I do grocery shopping, I buy two large Stouffers lasagnas, meat sauce and chicken intended for my son if he doesn't want to eat our prepared meal for that day. The chicken lasagna tastes good. Have you tried any lasagna products of Stouffer's?

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