November 15, 2011

Team Building

My friend who's a Sr. Project Manager in a leading Telecommunication company in Singapore talked about his job and how much he enjoyed it. We both graduated with a degree in Computer Science and upon graduation he immediately landed a job in a telecommunication company in the Philippines, he was trained, promoted and assigned in Singapore permanently. I asked him if he has plan of relocating to other countries specifically to USA and he said he wants to stay in Asia for now and mentioned that this December they will be having a team building and the venue is in Australia. He has 20 teammates and he's looking for short stay apartments. He will bring his family so he'll be paying half of the total cost which I thought could be shouldered in full by his employer. He said that is possible if his group is less than 10 people but talking about 20, that's too much expenses. As the head of the team, he needs to ensure that they have better communication, ensuring that they are still on the same goal, assesment of performance by identifying strengths and weaknesses and where to improve and of course to know each other better. What an excellent company, sponsoring activities that promotes and improves one's productivity and help them to excel on their craft/skill. A company who believes that excellent manpower is a  key to success.

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