November 22, 2011

Things fall apart so other things fall into place

It's wet and chilly out there and I wish I don't have class tonight but it's not going to happen. Topics are getting harder and there are more stuff to memorize. I can't even pronounce those generic names, anyways, they provided as a CD for the proper pronounciations. Inasmuch as I wanted to go out and buy some stuff, the weather tires me already so I rather stay indoor. I've been reading my books until I thought of going online for a while and then I learned some bad news again but things are not always what you expect to happen. I found this photo with a note 'sometimes things will fall apart in order for other things to fall into place'. It's indeed very true, it's the same with when a door closes, a window opens. If you failed on something, think the brighter side of it instead of  the stress or disappointment it caused you. We experience pain, in whatever form because that's where men are equal. So in my case if I experience disappointment, I challenge myself to dig in and believe that I can do more. Some of my friends know that I'm writing this because I want to tell this to myself, yeah, I kept on reminding myself that life is too short to stress out with small stuff and always be positive even situations irk you, try more because negative thoughts will never be right. I gotta go, my son is bugging me now. 

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