December 27, 2011

50 % Off on Christmas Decorations

Today, I did my procrastinated grocery shopping which is usually every Monday. I saw christmas decorations are 50% off and store personnel were emptying shelves. So, I thought of dropping by at Target and K-mart to check their christmas stuff.I bought some new ornaments, gift wrapping supplies, outdoor decors and chocolates. This is the best time to buy those stuff because stores want to get rid of the leftovers thus, they sell them on big discounts. It will require additional manpower to take down those christmas stuff, emptying the shelves, replacing them with regular merchandise then it will eat up some space in the warehouse/stock room which will make it difficult to store/move fast selling items, so it's better to sell them 50%-75% off. Toys are also marked down but I was hesitant to buy intended for christmas 2012 because some of these toys will somehow phased out, no longer be in hype / in demand by then which might not be enjoyed or appreciated by the recipient. 

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