December 07, 2011

After Finals, what's next?

Thank GOD, my final exam turned ok though I don't have the result yet but I know I passed. We're going to have an extra classes for board review which will end on the week of Christmas. Now, I can relax and do some pending chores that I procrastinated since I concentrated on reviewing my final exam. Will  set-up our christmas tree, decors and wrap some gifts. I hope there still a slot in the nearby pharmacy for externship because it will help me a lot through applying what I learned in theories and will be more comfortable and confident in taking the board the soonest so I could land a job. It's taking one step at a time, I don't know how hubby and I will fix our schedule if I ever I started to work because of my son. He goes to school but it's just for 3  hours and we don't feel comfortable dropping him to daycares nearby. I thought of working during hubby's day off or at night time when he comes home so that one of us could take care of our son. This is the hardest part living in USA compared in the Philippines because in the latter, there are lots of people that we can rely on taking care of our son for FREE. Ohmy! I'll cross the bridge when I get there, for the meantime I need to concentrate on my externship and make the most of the opportunity. I have lots of plans in 2012 and one of them is to study another course while working full time/part time (finger crossed). In times like this, you need to have all the gears while your still young and able in order to combat future financial crisis/recession and for our son's future. It's too expensive to live and retire in USA. Prayer helps to pursue these plans and I know GOD may answer 'Yes or Not this time or I'll give you another one thus, I believe that things will fall into places in GOD's time.

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