December 13, 2011

Childhood sweethearts

My cousin in Bristol, UK landed a new job in HP headquarters and got the biggest suprise of his life when he saw his childhood friend in the said company. They were classmates in gradeschool and lost communication since then. The sweetest part is that they're still single at the age of 35 and suddenly love is in the air for my cousin. He thought of flower delivery uk to express his happiness seeing the woman that he admired since their childhood days with an invitation for a dinner date. As expected, she loved the flowers sent to her and accepted the dinner date. Who wouldn't fall with beautiful flowers and dinner date? It's so amazing to hear story like this, who would thought that after 25 years, you'll see again your childhood crush or puppy love. I thought of sharing this to you because I received their wedding invitation today and I'm so happy for my cousin and his childhood sweetheart. God will bring each other in a manner you wouldn't expect. I love to attend but circumstances hinder so I just told them to have their honeymoon here in USA and I will take care of them while they're here but I think they will go to France. Anyways, another they live happily ever after story.

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