December 24, 2011

Christmas Wish

I remember when I was a little I used to ask my mom and dad what will Santa brings me on Christmas, and they asked me back what I want. After telling them my christmas wish, they used to say 'Santa heard you and he will give you want you asked him'. I hope Santa will hear me now, lol! When I was a little, I thought of christmas as time for gifts, more on the receiving aspect but as years passed by, I appreciated simple things and realized that it's more of giving than receiving. Have you felt that joy within you whenever you're wrapping presents, sort of imagining the recipients reaction once they open their gifts? That smile on your face and the excitement! I have that for years now, I love to give simple things as long as I can afford to people that I feel deserves to be appreciated especially during Christmas, the day of our Lord. Hubby asked me the other day, where will I give those gifts that I was wrapping because he knows that our santa list were done. I told him that those are for the school bus driver & assistant, Garbage collector, Postman and the Recycled Stuff collector.  I don't know them personally but I appreciated what they are doing even those things are part of their job, it's just letting them know that they are doing a nice job because they are appreciated based on it. I also prepared gifts for my neighbor's kids, simple things. I feel good doing it because I can still remember the feeling when I was a kid receiving a gift, it's exciting. This may sound like a beauty contest answer, but what I want this christmas is good health for everyone. Health is wealth, being fit and healthy allows you to be with your love ones longer, allows you to work more to achieve your goals, it motivates to enjoy life because you feel good inside your body. I wish that people will see through more on substance than appearance. That we should live within our means and be free from debts. I wish that we should love our job to enjoy it and avoid the thinking of can't take the job because it's less prestigious and less pay because recession might knock on our doors again. I also wish that people will start voting for smart and intelligent people over those cool guys who make good speeches and has the charisma to sweep us on our feet. Get real! ( i heard you), I'm serious, these are my christmas wishes!  Merry Christmas Guys!

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