December 30, 2011

Good deals at Walmart

I went to Walmart yesterday to return a gift for my son. I was hesitant because I lost the gift receipt but still tried because I know that the barcode of the gift will identify tha it was purchased from Walmart. Yup, I got a Walmart gift card in replace and I went to the toys department to buy my son another toy but they just have few stocks on that branch so I decided to have it next time on a different branch. While heading to the exit, I came across the area where christmas decors/stuff were put on huge discounts. I found a curtain suited to  my son's bedroom and it just cost $4.00 per panel which originally priced as $15.00. A lady took 5 styles and kept on telling me that it was a good deal. On my way home, I dropped by at a Dollar Store to buy those cheap wash towels needed by hubby that I forgot to buy in Walmart and found another good deal, a large poster frame for just $2.00. I'm planning to post some stuff on that huge frame which I will show you as soon as I'm done.
Got two of the same gift
Poster Frame

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