December 22, 2011

How to improve your child's speech?

I browsed online for information on how to improve my son's speech because at his age, he's somewhat delay. I learned that aside from seeking help for speech therapy, parents could help by making sure that they read to their child, especially those with pictures and do a game / activity on pointing and identifying familiar things. Parents should use simple language when talking to their child and make it a habit to ask a lot of questions and talk out loud whatever things you are doing. Always respond to your child's action / gesture and encourage them to express it and assure them that you are there to listen. Make sure to repeat and lengthen whatever word they are saying and turn them into phrases or sentences. Be patient always whenever they committed errors and give them a chance to say whatever they want and don't pressure / rush them. I'll make sure that I do these things to help my son's speech to get better. As what hubby kept on telling me, children have their own pace of learning / speaking and let our son takes his time and for sure he'll be fine. I don't know but for me, mom knows best and I can feel that my son needs more assistance to get better on his speech. That's why sometimes I feel guilt, I thought I could have done better when he was still a baby, I should have expose him to lots of people and read a lot to him when he's still a baby. I could have done differently and better than what I did but it's not yet late, he can still improve. I'm just pressuring myself too much I guess, maybe because I fear that my son might get bullied which I hope and praying not to happen. This is what motherhood all about, you always think of your child before yourself and you're willing to do whatever it takes to give them what's the best.

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