December 22, 2011

Movies to watch this holiday

On my way to Target store, I decided to drop first to the nearby library and borrowed a dozen of DVD movie. I thought of hubby's preference so I got him those war, true stories ones. For me, I got the Lincoln Lawyer, starring Matthew McConaughey, The Backup Plan (JLo), Coco before Chanel, About Adam, Accidental Husband, Harold and Kumar, Greenberg, Code 46, Entrusted, Japan's longest day and Age in the Hole. Hopefully could watch them within two weeks and usually if the movie is not good to watch, we don't finish it, we replace it right away. We watched Greenberg by Ben Stiller and expected that it's going to be funny but it turned out boring so we didn't finish it then we thought of Harold and Kumar, it's so vulgar and gross thus, we stopped watching it. After this post, I'm gonna watch the Lincoln Lawyer while putting my son to his afternoon nap.

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