December 18, 2011

Online Shopping

I'm done with my christmas shopping based on my santa list. Most of my shoppings were online because of the convenience and most of them have free or discounted shipping fees. For me it's an advantage to be notified through email about retail stores deals for the day/week. Some of the stuff that I got were picked up via store which was available on the same day that I made the purchase.  I'm done with sending christmas greeting cards via Walgreens photocards. It so simple, I just made an account, chose a photocard design, uploaded my son's photo then I chose the branch nearby to pick them up. When I got home, I wrote recipients / addresses, sticked on my return label address and stamps. Therego, done! Most of the stuff that I bought are toys for our nephews, nieces and my son's friends. The oldies who have almost everything are the hardest and challenging gift recipients. For them, I thought of giftcards for self pampering and place to dine out. For my son, hubby bought something huge that he could play into and lots of Thomas and friends stuff. For hubby, that would be no details because he's secretly reading my blog, got you! I wonder what hubby will give me, might be something round and shiny, Mirror Ball! hahahaha. I hope he wouldn't give me apparel because I promise to shed some more pounds or for unavoidable circumstances, it's possible that I might gain more weight, so it won't fit good, LOL! I know hubby is smiling while reading this because he knows that I'm giving him signals eventhough I told him, whatever he wants to give me, that's what most matter. Anyways, I have good experience doing my christmas shopping online so for those who haven't tried it yet, there will be next year or you can still do it, if shipping can make it before christmas. I started shopping on Thanksgiving day and mostly on the first week of December when retail stores published their season's deals.

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