December 21, 2011

Returning items purchased online

I'm done with my christmas shopping but the other day when I went to Target store, I found similar items I purchased online with lower price and various styles. I thought of returning the ones I have and exchange it with another.  Yesterday I brought the items, the line for customer returns was too long which gave me second thought but since I drove there for that purpose, I patiently waited. I was given a giftcard instead of cash since I don't have the packing slip. Cash and giftcard would still be the same in my case because I will still buy in Target anyways.  I returned two items of the same type but different style and bought only one of the same but of a new style which is not available online and cost less.  I don't know why the online price was higher than the actual store price in Target on that specific product. In Walmart case, I found a lower price online compared to the store price. In Sears, you can return items on any of its cash registers, they don't have a Customer Returns booth. This gives convenience to those people returning items but inconvenience to those people purchasing because they have to wait until the returns are settled. This is the advantage of shopping online because there's no line, no waiting time, no store hours and you can purchase anywhere and anytime.  The disadvantage is not seeing the actual product because photos are deceiving but thanks to consumer reviews because it helps you to decide.

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