December 16, 2011

Site new look for 2012

I got so busy this week because I started my externship in a pharmacy store nearby and I enjoyed it very much and but there's the feeling of sadness too because some patients have multiple prescriptions which means that they're sick and somehow dependent on these medications just to feel better. Anyways, I'm trying to revise the look of my site but circumstances hinder such as my son asks for more attention and playing time. I was scheduled to work while my son is in school, so those chores / errands that I usually do during that time were moved to the time that I need to play with my son. When I start to turn on the computer, here's my son clinging on me, wants to be hugged and tickled. So, I usually stop whatever stuff that I'm doing in the computer and play with my son. By the time that I could go online, hubby would get in, instead of relieving me to put my son to bed. I can't blame him, he also needs to check his stuff online after long hours of duty. I can't type in anymore because my son is here with me and trying to get my attention and I don't know what I've been saying here, will check later.

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