December 09, 2011

Snow Shower

Finally, we experienced light snow shower today and for sure it will turned enormously as the winter season passes. When I walked my son towards the area where the school bus stops, I was so slow and very careful because it's icy and too slippery. For years that I've been here, this is the time that snow shower came late in our area. Usually, as early as November we have it already, this time we're fortunate to have it later than expected. I hope this will not cause delay on spring season,:D. I just stayed home the whole day because I don't want to walk on icy and slippery sidewalks/parking lots. It's good that I don't need anything from the grocery store for now because I don't really want to go out. While I'm typing this post, I'm brewing again coffee because the whole day, I indulged on it. Too much caffeine might cause me to be up longer so I must think of things to do then, productive ones.

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