December 17, 2011

Study Abroad - Popular Destinations

It's well known fact that getting a degree here in USA is too costly. If you have parents that can support your tuition fees, you're so fortunate. Otherwise, you will be one of those that will be buried in debt long before you finish school. I know people at my age, married and have kids, still paying their college loans. I thought, is it worth it to finish college via a huge loan and I do the math. By the time you finish college, you may not get a high paying job right away so on your first 2 years of working, you might just be paying your credit cards or buying things that you postponed and what you need. Your net income is just enough to suffice your basic needs and to pay bills. So, the interest on your loan have accumulated which is made it more difficult to pay. So, maybe minimum of ten years, you could have pay it back but for some, it takes more than that. I realized the reason why few americans go to college and I understand that after highschool, they find job and stick to it. The best example is my former boss, she was still in high school when she got a part-time job and then after graduation, she decided to stay full-time in that company and postpone going to college. She's just receiving a minimum pay, then, she got promoted and after 5 years, she decided to go back to school with an evening schedule under their company assisted program. Now, she's the operations manager of that company. I'm not saying that it's better not to go to college, because her situation is different, she has the skills and perseverance. It's just so hard to go to college because of the cost. Maybe that's the reason why most of the doctors or other professions here are mostly immigrants, some finish their degrees in their native land and continue to study here because they have enough funds and to meet the USA standards. So, how about americans study abroad because it's cheaper and go back here for work? I read from one article that the popular destinations to study because of its cost are the following in order of popularity:

1. Peru 2. South Korea 3. Chile 4. Denmark 5. Argentina

I'm fortunate to have my husband's support on my going back to school. Working part-time too would be a great help for additional financial source.

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