December 31, 2011

Subway footlong for lunch

I'm still sick because of severe colds and sore throat and thankfully I don't have fever anymore and was able to report for work yesterday morning. I don't have that appetite for any kind of food but I know that I should eat something and take lots of fluid so I thought of just having a Subway footlong sandwich. I told the staff of Subway when it's time for the toppings, everything except onions and anything spicy. I thought I have what I expected, when I got home and started to have my lunch, I took a bite and there you go, I cough a lot and threw up. It's because of the spicy chilis and I'm not really feeling well yet. So, I just shifted to my huge mug of light coffee and grabbed some of my son's animal crackers, lunch was solved. I hate being sick and hate most if my son is sick. I wish that this coming year that we and my families will be committed on having healthy lifestyles and quit those bad habits because health is wealth and no amount of money could save a billionaire or whoever if you have a terminal illness caused by living unhealthy and sorrounded by vices. I pray to GOD that everyone be granted lots of patience and perseverance to stay committed and attain the goal of being healthy.

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