December 28, 2011


Thanks for the guest post by Jonathan Curtis
I have not read the Twilight series of books. I do not understand everybody’s obsession with the books and the movies. When I first heard about them, I could not believe that so many people would take the time to read a series of books about vampires. I have a friend who loved the books and told me that I should at least watch the movies. I’m glad that we have direct TV because we have a movie channel that showed the first two movies in the series last week and I was able to watch them both. I thought they were interesting, but I think that the actors are not very good. I also think that the storyline is so unbelievable that I found it hard to focus because I kept thinking, "there is no way this would really happen." I guess I am just not a person that appreciates fantasy type stories. I had to let my friend know that I was not interested in watching any more of the movies or reading any of the books in the series. I think she was pretty disappointed.

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