December 08, 2011

What does your Lipstick says about you?

I swapped my purse with a bigger one and found all these lip balms, lip gloss and lipsticks inside the latter. I tossed them there until I totally forgotten that I have them. Now, I need to throw some to the trash because they're already expired. I check on the lipsticks, there are still ok and I recall I bought them in the Philippines during my vacation. I noticed the tips of my lipsticks, they're weird shapes and I laughed at myself because it only shows that I don't know how to apply properly. With this, I thought of browsing the net and get meaning on what the lipstick says about your personality based on its tip appearance and I got this, enjoy!
slant tip
abides by the rules, great follower, does not like too much attention, a little self-conscious, somewhat reserved, likes a schedule, may occasionally color hair to attract attentention
rounded tip
lovable, family-oriented, a "doer", exaggerates sometimes, stubborn over little things, needs people around
rounded smooth tip
easygoing, peacemaker, even-tempered, steady, likable, generous,
flat top
to the point, high morals, needs approval, careful about appearance, very dependable, conservative, quick mind, loves challenges
sharp-angled tip
opinionated, high-spirited, dislikes schedules, selective of friends, outgoing, likes attention, argumentative
flat top concave
makes a great detective, makes friends easily, inquisitive, adventurous, a prober, complex, exciting
sharp-angled but curved tip
creative, enthusiastic, energetic, talkative, loves attention, falls in love easily, helpful, needs schedule, but dislikes one
sharp angles both sides
spiritual, curious, seeks attention, mysterious, big ego, faithful, looks for easy way, loves life

Mine is flat top concave, what's yours?

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