December 08, 2011

Young kids attending mass

Hubby and I attended a holy day of obligation morning mass celebrating the immaculate conception the blessed virgin Mary. While walking along the street parking, hubby and I held hands and it brought me to more than 3 years ago, the last time we attended mass without our son (he's in school).  When we got inside the church, most of the attendees were gradeschool kids, they were practicing some of the responses. They're so cute and adorable and I imagined my son as one of them. It's so nice to see kids practicing their faith, those cute gestures/excitement during the offering each other the sign of peace. They have priceless smile on their faces when they're shaking hands with one another and some giggling on the part of the younger ones. During the eucharistic prayer, some were trying to close their eyes but sneaking on their sides maybe checking if they're doing the same. During the 'Lord, hear our prayer', I couldn't stop myself smiling and laughing because some of the youngest kids are yelling their responses. It's a wonderful experience because hubby and I had the break from watching our son during the mass and we have those little angels praying and singing.

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