January 04, 2012

Back Scratcher

I found this Telescopic Back Scratcher at Walmart with more than half price discount. At first, I thought that this is one of those crappy stuff that you usually find in dollar store but I told myself why not give it a try, I'll just think that I bought something from the vending machine, it didn't came out and nobody could give me a refund, meaning buying for nothing. I was wrong, it was a good buy for 2 bucks, you can extend the arm, the scratcher is awesome and you can store it by hanging. I'm glad I've found this and I'm loving this new toy.



Rosemarie said...

that is a good back scratcher, anyway, i know its way over due but happy new year to you and your family..

Victoria said...

As Rosemarie commented "that's a good scratcher" and I do agree. And, it's a good deal too! I like reading your blog. I'm also a stay-at-home Mom and with 2 cultures at home just like you. Happy New Year to you and your family:-)