January 07, 2012

Be paid for having good grades

I used to wonder why it costs too much to go to college here in USA, learned about it and the college loan when I got here. My ex-officemate's daughter is still paying her college loan until now that she's married with 2 kids. Just imagine that, mortgage, car, school tuition fees, utilities, food, insurance (medical,car,dental,home). Then if you lose your job, what will happen to you? Buried in debt and usually into emotional stress too. That's what happened to the daughter of my ex-officemate. She's jobless and having difficulties in paying bills because her hubby's salary wouldn't suffice. I remember that she applied in our company for any available position just to have additional income.This lady studied hard to be able to go to college and took a loan because she believes then that her future will be better. She studied hard without any reward as motivation to graduate from high school and to be accepted by the college school that she had chosen. In contrast with the motivation that led this lady to finish college, there's a program in our state which aims to develop student interest in school and a commitment to reaching academic goals during the first two years of high school, when students are most at risk for dropping out. The program works in a way that eligible students enrolled in the program can earn financial rewards for performance in five core classes: Math, English, Social Science, Science, and Physical Education. Students can earn $50 for each "A", $35 for a "B," and $20 for any "C" earned during each five-week progress period. A "straight-A" student has the potential to earn up to $4,000 over two years, wow! So, what will happen to these kids in the future if their form of motivation (money) has ended? Will they still study hard and have good grades which they must do in the first place whether being paid or not? I believe that when you expose kids to earning cash as early as possible, the less they will strive to get into college knowing the high cost of it. I recall when I was still in elementary, no bribe or reward, it's more of a punishment. I did chores when I had a lower grade than what was expected from me which I hated because we have our househelper who supposed to do them. When I reached high school it's more of a pride. Whenever I don't have line of 7 grades, my mom is so proud of me and used to initiate buying me anything but usually the MUST have only, then the consistency  because I was a part of a group of friends whose most members were honors/top ten students. I should excel too and be consistent since they're all intelligent, hardworking and smart people. Scholarship is different with the abovementioned program because in the latter, you're literally get paid and the in the former, you're exempted in paying your school fees. I just wish that kids will be motivated to study hard by that desire and ambition to excel and have a better/brighter future. It's somehow gloomy because kids nowadays are hooked to gadgets and they're motivated to do things if they can have one or the new one or another one. Let's just hope for the best that things will change for the better.

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