January 24, 2012

Cash In at Home

Last Sunday, I forgot to buy newspaper so I asked hubby to grab one for me when he gets home. I was preparing dinner when he handed me the newspaper. I was browsing the newspaper when hubby said that he had something for me that he forgot to bring out from the car so he went back to our car and took it. I thought that he bought Mcdonalds meal for our midnight snack but to my suprise it was a magazine entitled 'Small Business Opportunities". The featured article caught his eyes 'Cash in at Home, 75 surefire moneymakers to start at home for under $500'. He knows that I want to have extra income while I'm still a stay at home mom thus, he thought this magazine could give me some tips and ideas. I asked him if he reads the magazine and he said not yet because he planned to wait for me until I'm done. I told him that he can read it first because I need to update my blogs only to find out that he wants me to read it and just summarize it to him. Smart huh! Anyways, I plan to read it tonight before I go to bed and will update this post to share information I got from reading.

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