January 15, 2012

Enjoying Football Playoff games

I don't know why I enjoy watching football over the other sports, maybe because the nature of the game is lots of action and suprises, whether the ball will be received, will it be a touch down and many others. When I was in the Philippines, I love watching the local basketball and I used to be a fan of Michael Jordan of Chicago Bulls and it was a major change when I moved here. Basketball became my least favorite sport. I love football, hockey, baseball and basketball in that order. I don't know much about the rules or how you play football, just the basic ones. I know most of the quarterback names of each team and some great receivers and linebackers. Yesterday, it was such a great game between the SF49ers vs. Saints that at the last minute, the former made a touch down. Then the game of Patriots vs. Broncos was a bit boring because it's very much expected that Patriots will win over the Broncos. Today, Ravens defeated Texans and while typing this is the much awaited game, Giants vs. Packers. I want Packers vs. Patriots in the Super Bowl but how exciting it will be if Ravens vs. SF49ers whose head coaches of the two teams are the Harbaugh brothers. Hubby was scheduled to work today so it's just me and my son enjoying the Sunday football playoffs. We're having turkey hotdog sandwiches and potato chips for me. Have a great Sunday!

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