January 11, 2012

Evolution of TV vs. People's Fitness

When I saw this photo  I immediately want to make a post about it because it depicts what's going on now in the area of fitness and wellness. Before, people needed to stand up to change the channel, family were gathered in one room watching together their favorite shows. Now, all rooms and areas of the house are mostly filled with flat screen tv, with remote controls, family are seldom together to watch any shows because they watch their favorite on their own room. Most people have their meals eaten while watching tv in the kitchen or dining room. What do you expect from this? No movements, less interaction, bad eating habits will cause obesity and other illnesses. I'm not an expert on Psychology but for me this has an effect on our daily lives. The evolution of tv and the advancement of technology have greatly affected one's behavior, attitude and outlook in life. I remember what my mom used to say, that during their time, they walk N miles to go to school, they don't have tv so they're have lots of time to read and do their homeworks. But of course we can't stop advancement of technology, things should change and improve but we should not let this to affect that much our daily lives. There should really be an active program for obesity, like a website cureobesity.org. If we are passionate to find cures for cancer and other illness, we should consider to cure obesity too because most illness are caused by being obese. Hats off to Biggest Loser show because they created awareness and treated obesity as a very serious matter. Everyday is a hope so one day things will be better if we'll try and be committed.

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