January 21, 2012

Filipino to American breakfast

One of the things that I learned to embrace in my second culture is the type of food specifically their usual breakfast meal. I love tocino (sweetened cured pork) with fried rice, tomato, egg and vinegar on the side, a common Filipino breakfast meal which is shortened as 'tocilog'. Aside from this meal, most household in the Philippines have these rounded bread called 'pan de sal' which I do love to eat paired with hot coffee. I eat pan de sal without butter or anything, just plain and dip it on my hot coffee, umm! yummy. When I moved here, I became an egg omellette fan and tried all kinds of it, but my favorite is sausage with cheese. Usually, when you order in a restaurant it comes with either pancakes or toasts which I prefer the latter. If I have to choose one between tocilog and sausage omellette, I'll just stick with pan de sal and coffee, lol! Pork is not good for our health much more when it's cured where all those artificial chemicals are added. Egg whites are fine but having the omelette from a diner which is usually made of more than 2 eggs is unhealthy too. Ok, so what's my point in here if I'm citing my favorite breakfast meals and then discussed that they're unhealthy. I just want to say that I'm still struggling on getting away from unhealthy food. I love these meals but after eating them, I regret it. Well, I'm trying hard to get away from unhealthy stuff and I know one of these days I could say, I made it.

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Rosemarie said...

unhealthy yet delish brekfast..hahaha.. dropping and Kung Fat Hei Choi..my this year bring us all abundant blessings and good health, i hope to see you around..