January 09, 2012

Get less, pay more

I had my grocery shopping yesterday and discovered that the diaper from 60pcs/package is down to 50pcs/pkg with the same price. Bathroom tissues and paper towels downsize in terms of width and number of rolls. Dawn dishwashing liguid shrunk in contents, it's no longer up to bottleneck. Our favorite peanut butter container gets taller and narrower but still the same price. Manufacturers started to downsize citing rising costs for ingredients, gas and other things as reasons. I just hope that when one of these factors they cited goes down, they could mark down or give discounts, to make it fair. But why the need to shrink the size or change the packages and not just raise the price? Ok, it's more on the impact on consumer, we pay attention on the price than the size. When we see an expensive one, we tend to look for other options even it's smaller in size, as long as its cheaper. Then, the manufacturers strategy of having options of small size packages as to help those who can't afford to buy things in large/bulk because they live per paycheck. But, in reality they are more expensive than the bulky ones or quality is lesser. As what they say, everything goes up so fast except salaries/wages. So, we need to live within our means.

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