January 13, 2012

Here comes the snow

Our state has been so fortunate to have a nice weather when fall and winter season started until this day comes, a sign that snow is here to stay. It was a crazy morning because we overslept and I was cramming to have my son ready to school. He's not in the mood to have his breakfast, laid down and wanted to sleep more. I needed to get him ready because as soon as the school bus comes and picked him up, I have only few minutes to get ready for my OJT/Externship schedule. It was a huge hassle to warm up my car, remove the snow and I couldn't drive fast due to snow all over the side streets and I ended up late for my schedule. Usually, I wear my scrubs already and walk my son to the school bus but it will make my scrubs more messy before I even reached my workplace. Even I don't like it, I should wake up earlier to have extra time to shovel the snow and warm up my car so that I wouldn't be rushing.

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