January 26, 2012

Kellogg's Froot Loops

My son's favorite breakfast meal are peanut butter and nutella sandwich with a cup of milk . It's been almost six months that he's hooked with Froot Loops and he wants to eat it as plain without adding milk. For sure the colorful loops attracted him to try it because it's been so long that I was serving him cereal but he doesn't like it.  At his age now, he's too picky and never mind if he'll have the same breaksfast over and over again which I don't tolerate because it's not good. But, we all know that breakfast are commonly missed meal because people are in hurry to go to school and work.  It will take sometime for him to eat his breakfast if I served him a different meal on school days, so usually I serve him a different one on weekends or during weekdays that he woke up early. I miss my mom because she's a good cook and creative in terms of disguising veggies into something that kids would love to eat. I remember a local vegetables in our country called 'kangkong', my mom cut them into small pieces and formed into patties which turned as crispy one. Since then, I loved eating that vegetable. I tried puree and some disguises too for my son to eat other vegetables and as often, but I failed but I know it's never too late to try again.

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