January 19, 2012

My Blog's birthday

It's been a year that I started this blog and since then lots of great things happened. I enjoyed posting whatever thoughts that I have on that particular day or something that I recall.  I was able to know some bloggers and hopefully one day, will see them personally. For the past year, this blog has unloaded me lots of pains, stress, disappointments and sadness because it served as my punching bag, lol. I expressed whatever thoughts and feelings I have and somehow others have connected with them. Aside from my being outlet to express my thoughts and feelings, medium to be updated with my friends, this blog has helped me financially which I am so grateful. This served as my training school for expanding my ideas and creativity as well as improving my grammar and vocabulary. This blog is one of my bestfriends, when most of my bestfriends can't be reached, this blog is ready to relieve them, always there, ready to post whatever thoughts whether it's sentimental/drama or funny/crazy stuff. Looking forward for many more years of blogging, and www.thesahmy.com will be here for a long time. Thanks for always dropping by and letting me share with you the thoughts of being a stay at home.

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