January 02, 2012

New Year Resolution, Quit smoking!

I heard hubby saying that he'll finally quit smoking as part of his new year resolution but I forgot to ask what year, lol!. Seriously, will it be this 2012 or next year and so forth because I heard them before and if it happens, I will the happiest person in the world. It means that he's not putting his life on risks especially his job because if he got sick and required him to quit his job, we can't afford to depend on my income alone to raise our family. He knows that the most dangerous part in smoking is the fact that it might KILL your own children. I hate it when people keep on smoking in the excuse that it's their body they're harming and they have all the rights to do so. But, if we pause and think of it, they also harm the body and health of the people who surrounds them, most especially children. Having a good health is a responsibility because all that GOD created are good. We should not harm ourselves and we owe our children, we must live longer in order to protect them. Again, I know it will be a difficult and challenging task for hubby because I've seen him struggle but everyday is a new hope so we just need will power and prayer to achieve what we want. I will never give up praying and hoping that hubby could finally kick the bad habit.

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