January 05, 2012

This too shall pass

I spoke with my friend via skype this morning and she's going throught a difficult situation. She's planning to relocate here in USA and start all over again with her life. I told her that running away from what's bothering her is not the best solution because it will still haunt her if there's no proper closure. She's having a problem with her marriage and I think it ended suprisingly. Two people that I know who adore and love each other have to end their love story. Well, maybe it's true that some good things never last. I told her that life here in USA is not a bed of roses because it will be a big adjustment for her, especially that she belongs to a well off family that everything is being served to her. I told her that people have been into a lot of difficult situations but manage to stand up because they look back to know what they've done before on how they surpassed some trials. It ended up with one answer, GOD is there all the time. He is just waiting for us to call on him and he will always say...."this too shall pass....have faith in me". I always apply this into my life that things will happen in GOD's time and not on when I want it. I believe that she'll get through this phase of her life as stronger and better person.

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Victoria said...

That quotation is very encouraging. I love it!