January 06, 2012

Unattended running vehicles

Each resident on our area was given a notice of caution regarding unattended unlocked running vehicles. It's common that people go out and start up their vehicles and go back inside their house leaving the car running for purposes of warming it up. There were incidents that vehicles were taken because they were left unattended. Sometimes you won't realize that especially if you know that you live in a good neighborhood but in times like this, you can never tell. There's a family with three cars and they just have 2-car garage so they used to leave the 3rd vehicle outside. The father started the car to warm up, he went inside to finish his breakfast. The vehicle was taken because it was unlocked and nobody heard anything. That was so unfortunate. Prior to this note, I always remind hubby not to leave his car running and unattended especially whenever he forgot something and needed to go inside the house, moreso when we received this notice.

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