January 19, 2012

When to introduce oneself with title?

I bought something from Target and while on line on the register, I heard people ahead of me talking. The 1st couple introduced themselves by saying their first names and when the 2nd couples turn, "I'm Doctor James Smith, this is my wife Doctor Amy Smith. Whew! that's my instant reaction because I believe that using titles to introduce oneself in a casual meeting is inappropriate. He could have just said, "I'm James Smith and this is my wife, Amy". If it's a business meeting, one could address people with their titles + last name, but the case was different, somebody introduced themselves with titles. I don't know, I thought that there's proper place and proper time to inform others of your profession, wait until it's being asked. I just wonder how astronauts are being addressed, are they engineers? Like, Engineer William Jones or Astronaut William Jones. Oh, I know this is a bit nonsense, just thought of writing what I've heard and I considered it a form of bragging.

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